planning and sharing for those who are caring

Grouple is a secure, private online social hub helping people share the responsibilities of caring for a loved one.

It is being developed by Collaborative Caring Ltd, a London-based social enterprise dedicated to helping people care for loved ones using open technology.

Matthew Harrison and Cian Plumbe are user-experience designers who have worked together on inclusive design projects for clients including BT, the Wellcome Trust and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, based at the Royal College of Art, London.

Dr Ifung Lu and Meike Walcha are partners in creative design. He is a technologist and open-source advocate who has designed front-end concepts and medical devices for Johnson & Johnson, winning an IDEA 2005 Gold Award for medical devices. She is an award-winning media artist who has recently been creating rich multimedia and web content for the NHS to facilitate public and patient involvement in medical research.

Louise Wilson is a socially sustainable designer and researcher focusing on designing for social good. Louise is involved with the behaviour change company Ecoinomy, tutors on the MA Design for Development at Kingston University and helps out with the social venture, the People's Kitchen.